If you choose Opatija for your holiday destination, often known as the “Old Dame”, the “Pearl of the Adriatic” or the ”Queen of Tourism”, you’re going to spend vacation in a remarkable seaside resort destination with a long tradition of tourism stretching back to 1844. There are numerous activities to do in Opatija and attractions to visit, so here are several that you shouldn’t miss.


First thing you should do is treat yourself with a wellness day. Take a relaxing wellness and find out why Opatija is called  Croatia’s wellness oasis. After it was proclaimed a health resort in 1889, Opatija was visited by many aristocrats who demanded the highest standards of service. Over a century of tradition and professional approach make Opatija one of the most popular wellness destinations in Europe.


If you came to visit Opatija, you should know, there is no place quite as thrilling to walk in this wellness town as a spectacular promenade called the Lungomare. The promenade is 12 kilometers long and it is great to enjoy the sight on endless blue sea and islands of Kvarner bay. Undisturbed by traffic, this walk along the sea front presents a unique opportunity to escape from the stress of everyday life.


If you’re culture lover, discover the rich culture heritage. When in Opatija, the feel of the 19th century is everywhere and you can easily visualize past visitors from Austria’s Hapsburg dynasty. The settlement developed around the Benedictine abbey of St. Jacob, which was mentioned for the first time in 1453. The touristic development of Opatija begins in 1844, with the construction of “Villa Angolina”, and it had a rapid rise after 1800., when Southern Railroads Society purchases the whole area. Monuments and landmarks worth seeing: The interior of the church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, church of St. Jacob, Villa Angiolina, Opatija parks, famous promenade – Lungomare, Grand Hotel Kvarner (1884.) – The first modern hotel on the Croatian coast, Villa Amalia (1890.), Art pavilion “Juraj Sporer”, The Fountain – Helios and Selena – work of the sculptor Hans Rathautsky (1889.), Girl with a seagull – symbol of the city by the sculptor Zvonko Car, placed near the sea in 1956., Madonna (1891.), Hotel Imperial (1885), Croatian walk of fame wich is located in Opatija’s Slatina and Open Air Ttheatre.


Relax on the beach Opatija Rivieras beaches are ideal for sunbathing where you can soak up the summer sun and relax body and mind, also offering daily entertainment in their bars and karaoke programs. If you feel like having fun and partying on the beach, the best option is Lido beach (next to open air theatre) where you can dance on Tantra bar’s after beach parties and Slatina beach, in the centre of Opatija, where you can dance the sun away in popular exotic beach bar Collosseum.

 Open Air Theatre

See a movie at the outdoor theatre! Spend a warm summer night under starry sky at Opatija’s Open Air Theatre and enjoy in one of numerous movies. Opatija’s theatre is also the only air theatre in Croatia where you can watch movies with the 3D glasses.

Scuba (1)

Spend your holiday actively! Create unforgettable moments and try scuba diving, windsurfing or sailing. You can also take a hiking tour or biking and the nearby hills of Ucka Mountain are just perfect for that.

Dinner opatija

Have a fancy dinner of Adriatic specialties. Opatija is a synonym for luxury and a right choice for all who wish to have a good time. To discover Croatian gastronomy, I can suggest a few really good and affordable ones. Roko is the restaurant in the center of Opatija, and it’s very important to book a table on time, because it is mostly full. Restaurant Ruzmarin is situated also in the center, and is famous for its pizzas and pasta. If you want something luxurious, you can go to the most famous restaurant in Opatija, Bevanda, 50m from the center, on the beach, and Savoy, with the most amazing view on the Opatija Riviera.


Explore famous and breathtaking parks. Opatija’s parks contain about three hundred species of plants that are protected as horticultural monuments. Among them, Japanese Camelia is the symbol of the city. If you want to experience some romantic moments on your vacation, charming parks are ideal for that. Palms, flowers and hidden, little streets make you feel like you’re in a love movie.


Don’t miss festivals in Opatija this year! Opatija is famous for its festivals and events including music festivals, a chocolate festival, coffee festival, chestnut days, concerts, exhibitions and sporting tournaments. Depending on period of your visit, you can check program here.

As you can see, the Opatija Riviera offers numerous opportunities for a wide range of outdoor activities that will suit every taste. But first, be sure you find your accommodation on time. In the peak of the season, it’s very hard to find anything available. There’s a plenty of other activities, so if you want to get more information according to your period of vacation, send me your dates and questions here!

I’m happy to help! 🙂

Maja Šustar