Have you heard about Planimor? If you ever explored Croatia, you surely did! Planimor is an unique type of tourism, full body and soul therapy which specialists called ”planimor tourism” – spending the mornings at sea and the afternoons in the mountains nature! It is a kind of rest when you’re located on the mountain, and the objective of the trip is a vacation at sea.

Sounds odd? Well, I’m going to try to describe this concept a little better. Planimor is really unique kind of tourism, offering to tourists a whole new experience of destination they visit. Imagine that you chose summer destination like Opatija, sun, sea, beach and soaking up the sun all day long, every day. To spice it up, you will probably take some extra activity, like riding a bike or boat excursion.

Can you imagine it? Look around you. What do you see? Sun, sea, and beaches again? Yeah, the same view all the time. But what can really make your vacation memorable and unique to fully experience the destination is something different, it’s – planimor. Imagine now that for just in half an hour of driving, your usual surroundings changes to the endless greenery and freshness of the mountains and hills with a breathtaking view of the entire Kvarner Bay sprinkled with the thousands of little islands. That is something different, huh?

Hosts in a famous summer or winter destination usually offer additional activities that are as much as possible related to basic products – sun, sea and sand, or snow, snow, snow for winter option. Most of them are probably aware that richness of different types of the tourism, but they actually don’t have opportunity to offer that.

And that’s why Croatians should be proud! Croatia is one of the few destinations in the world where it is possible. It offers a completely new fresh experience, just a few kilometers away from the nearest beach.

So, I’m going to show you now how to fully experience this type of tourism, how to experience Croatia in all its aspects, and maybe one of the best way to spend your vacation.

Let’s start with your basic vacation location in Kvarner. About Kvarner and its endless possibilities and reasons why you should come here, I won’t write now, that is a subject for new post – a really big post!


Heaven on earth – Plitvice lakes

 qqqqqOk, we are on beautiful Kvarner coastline, let say – Opatija. Spending our hot summer days laying on the beach and swimming in the sea, and now we’re going on a new jurney. After two hours driving on the road with an amazing scenery, we’re coming to Plitvice lakes, also known as – heaven on earth.

The extraordinarily beautiful pocket of green hills enclose numerous turquoise lakes that are connected by waterfalls and cascades. Wooden footbridges follow the rumbling water for an exhilaratingly damp 18km. Astonishing natural beauties that words simply can’t describe. The upper lakes, surrounded by dense forest and interconnected by numerous waterfalls, lie in a dolomite valley, while the smaller and shallower lower lakes lie in limestone and are surrounded by sparse yew bushes. There are over 120 different species of bird such as hawks, owls, cuckoos, thrushes, starlings, kingfishers, wild ducks and herons. You might also occasionally see black storks and ospreys. Flocks of butterflies flutter throughout the park. This is really amazing place, some say – the most beautiful in the world. And I think you shouldn’t miss it while visiting to Croatia, because it’s the best example for planimor tourism.

Mystery mountain


The second spot to go, I highly recommend nature park Velebit. This impressive mountain includes amazing scenery of rolling meadows, rocky peaks, romantic forest and blue sea, which is just one part of this unspoiled natural world, a world of silence, freshness and breathtaking landscape. And it’s full of secrets and mystery, every visitor should explore it. You will be able to discover some of the most beautiful and fascinating parts of Croatia.

The beauty of Velebit is its landscape. On one side is Lika – green, charming, abundant in waters, fields and hills, and on the other side is Primorje – cheerful, stony, rich in plants cuddled by the unique wind bura, and the azure Adriatic sea sprinkled with thousand of little islands. Velebit, Lika and Primorje make a magnificent triad to which the Velebit Mountain is a quiet and dignified spiritual hub that easily gets under your skin. Once you experience it, you won’t forget it!



Ucka is growing increasingly popular due to its closeness of Opatija, and it was popular resort for European aristocracy coming to admire its beauty. With the development of tourism along the Adriatic coast, progress gradually reached the slopes of Ucka too. Today the Ucka nature park is a unique phenomenon of natural diversity. In this almost untouched paradise 160 km2 in size, there are a lot of endemic, endangered and protected plants and animal species to discover.

Beautiful nature, magnificent views and this gorgeous creatures will make your your journey memorable! Many say that Ucka offers the most amazing panoramic view of the northern Adriatic islands, mountains of Gorski Kotar, Venice, the Alps, and on the other side the whole Istrian peninsula lies below your feet.

Ok, this is a short description. It’s hard to describe the experience in words, you must feel it by yourself. Pleasant, fresher temperatures in the mountains are easier to tolerate than those along the coast, so it can be one of your reasons to stay on the mountain. And that is the only way to fully experience Croatia. If you decide to spend your vacation this way, you will not regret it, and this adventurous way of holidays, perhaps would trigger some hidden love for nature and mountain activities provided. There are more places for this kind of tourism in Croatia, but this is already big post. Maybe it is the best to say, to be continued…


Maja Šustar