"Together we make memories"


  • Destination: Croatia, Island Krk
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Price: 27€

Taste the domestic food, homemade sheep cheese – local gourmet experience!

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Because of his peculiarities is in ancient times Island of Krk has been assigned with the name Golden Island.

A whole day excursion to the island Krk starts after breakfast.  A drive from Opatija, over Rijeka to Kraljevica and over the bridge to the island Krk. After passing Malinska and Njivice, arrival to  the island capital – town Krk. Guided tour of the town after which the drive continues to Punat, followed by a boat ride to island Košljun and a visit to the Franciscan monastery. An expert tour of the monastery and the Franciscan museum.  Next a visit to Vrbnik, a small town built high on the steep rocks surrounded by vineyards where a typical sort Žlahtina is grown.  Next follows the homemade dried ham, sheep cheese . One of the Island Krk’s particularities is champagne from the sea – Valomet. When first tested the results were above expectations, champagne from the sea was much better than the one kept in the basement. The gloom, peace and quietness is what has further affected the quality, and bottling under the sea creates higher pressure than in the basement. Maturation of champagne at the bottom of the sea is the unique method in the world so far.

Another delicacy is Krk cheese, an authentic island Croatian cheese, which is produced on family farms of the island. Although Krk cheese is traditionally produced from time immemorial, it was only in the beginning of this millennium that the recipe was completed and registered. It is recognized for its quality and unique taste. It is a delicacy produced from the fruits of nature given by the sea, barren land, and rocky pastures covered with salt. Krk cheese is made from the milk of sheep, extraordinary delicacy that can start and finish your meal.

Return to the hotel in the evening.

Price includes tour guide for the entire excursion, guided tour of town Krk, boat ride to islet Kosljun, entrance to the Faranciscan monastery.