"Together we make memories"


  • Destination: Kvarner
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Price: 14€

Wakeboard is more than just a sport, and just like other “extreme” sports, it’s a lifestyle, with an increasing trend worldwide. Island Krk, located at the beautiful Adriatic coast, is a wakeboard destination for many tourists every year. Most of them have a great time so they keep coming back… and the best way to find out why, is to experience by yourself!

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Are you ready for water adventure? Beginner to expert, you will enjoy new ways of spending your summer vacation.

For a reason wakeboarding has become one of the most popular fun sport, it is easy to learn with maximum of fun, excitement and adrenaline. Whether you’re a complete beginner or experienced professional, after your first round you will definitely agree – this fast and wild ride is addictive!

So, for those that doesn’t know what is wakeboarding, it is a water sport, to be precise, water skiing which involves riding a wakeboard over the surface of a body of water. Ski lift is placed in the water, with columns set to make a circle and the moving carriers pull the ropes that pull the wakeboarders. The ski lift can pull several wakeborders at once. Wakeboarding in Krk is really a great choice for this kind of adventure. The main point of center is a 5-cornered cableway system with eight carriers, powered by electric motor, and it’s 650 meters long. The cableway pulls the wakeboarder 30 to 39 km per hour and the goal is to accomplish a specific pressure buildup, that can catapult you into the air. For experienced ones variety of artificial barriers, such as the funbox, kicker or slider, are used here for spectacular moves and jumps. And if you’re new at this, with their experienced instructors you will first learn the basics – how to make a start and your first round.

Round tickets: 50 rounds – 40 €
Round tickets can be used by 1 person only, 1 fall counts as 1 round.
Time tickets:
1 hour     14 €
2 hours   20 €
4 hours   25 €
1 day      31 €
1 week   184 €

These prices apply from 10 or 11 in the morning. Use of pairs of skis or kneeboards and life jackets are included in the prices, check wakeboard, wetsuits and helmets rental prices

Even if you’re sport enthusiast willing to wakeboarding all day, there is plenty of additional activities to do. Island Krk is much more than just a water sport destination, you can take a pause enjoying on the beautiful beach, soaking up the sun, hang out with the friendly crowd, try some of the colourful special cocktails and dance away in the beach clubs.

In addition to snowboarding, inline skating and mountain biking, wakeboarding is one of the recent worldwide trend of sports, and island Krk is the place where you can get huge dose of fun!