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  • Destination: Istria
  • Duration: 1 day

Windsurfing is a fantastic water sport for people of all ages that gives you a great fun and it’s rewarding to learn. Beside „adrenaline junkies” it is also a great way for the whole family to enjoy their summer holiday or have an active day out on the sunny beach.

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Because of favorable winds and a specific coast, this place is ideal for your windsurfing adventure

Windsurfing is often known as an adrenaline sport that provides huge doze of fun and excitement. Windsurfing is the fastest of all the sailing disciplines and it provides a great physical and technical challenge!

Why choose windsurfing in Premantura? Istria has always been an interesting water sport destination in this part of Europe, and its popularity grows even more every day.  Windsurfing center in Premantura is a unique place immersed in the blue-green sea with its 30 kilometers of coastline, bays and beaches, surrounded with breathtaking landscape. It’s therefore open to absolutely all the winds that blow in the northern Adriatic. There you’ll find the newest equipment for windsurfing: sails made of ultra light materials, from 2.0-5.5 square meters large and boards of the latest production that enables you to learn windsurfing very quickly and without any difficulties. Whether your wish is to catch the waves, to compete with your friends, to sail on the water freestyle, or just to sail for fun whilst on holiday with your family, there you will find something for yourself.

No matter what your experience is, there is a course for you. Anybody from 7 to 70 years of age can join the courses. There are several types of courses for beginners as well as for expert.

Trial course (1 hour)    200,00 kn
Trial course (2 hours)    300,00 kn
Beginner course (8 hours)    900,00 kn
Junior course (8 hours)    900,00 kn
Advanced course (5 hours)    700,00 kn
FUN course (3 hours)    450,00 kn
Private training (1 hour)    210,00 kn
*All attendants are rented a harness and a wetsuit – their rental is included in the price