"Together we make memories"


  • Destination: Croatia, Kvarner, Opatija Riviera
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Price: 9€

Visit Opatija’s main attractions and later Mošćenice and its astonishing panoramic view!

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Built mainly at the turn of the 20th century, Opatija has remained in complete harmony with Nature right up until the present day.

After breakfast a guided walk through Opatija. Visit Villa Angiolina, botanic garden Angiolina and St Jacob, the St Jacob church, seaside promenade Lungomare, the first hotel in Opatija along with the rich, sometimes even scandalous history of this once royal health resort.

Afterwards a bus ride to Mošćenice, a medieval town situated on a hill overlooking a fishermen’s village of Mošćenička Draga (very beautiful beach). The mayor of Mošćenice will lead you through his town and acquaint you with some of its traditions in his own special way.

Followed by a visit to the olive oil. Afternoon is free. We recommend a walk along the Lungomare promenade to Volosko and a visit to the famous gallery „Claudio Frank“.

Price includes tour guide for the entire excursion, guided tour of Opatija and Mošćenice, entrance to the museum, olive oil mill.