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Discover secrets of nature park Velebit

Mountain Velebit includes amazing scenery of rolling meadows, rocky peaks, romantic forest and blue sea, which is just one part of this unspoiled natural world, a world of silence, freshness and breathtaking landscape. The beauty of Velebit is that it reminds on a giant human stature simultaneously joining and separating two such different landscapes. On one side is Lika – green, charming, abundant in waters, fields and hills, and Primorje – cheerful, stony, rich in plants cuddled by the unique wind bura, and the azure Adriatic sea sprinkled with thousand of little islands. Velebit, Lika and Primorje make a magnificent triad to which the Velebit Mountain is a quiet and dignified spiritual hub that easily gets under your skin. Once you experience it, you won’t forget it!

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Many people fall in love with Velebit for the rest of their lives.The amazing beauty of unspoiled nature, pastures, meadows, hills and canyons will make your excursion memorable experience of a lifetime!

Mountain Velebit is an ideal destination for all those looking for active holidays and outdoor activities. There are a lot of mountain tracks crisscrossing the mountain, which provide numerous possibilities for exploring the area. You will be able to discover some of the most beautiful and fascinating parts of this region. On this mountain there are a number of natural attractions that belong to the most valuable thing that Croatia has. Therefore the whole, 150 kilometers long, mountain is protected as a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

To ensure that you fully experience Velebit and don’t miss any of its amazing part, we tailored this excursion that will make your visit to Velebit memorable! The main part of program is following:

• Visit to the shelter for young bears in Village of Kuterevo, small village in the mountains, located within the nature park Velebit in the mountain habitat of the European brown bear. A local organization of volunteers operates there in a shelter for bears that have been separated, due to accident or poaching, from their mothers when they were too young to live independently
• Tour of the workshops and learning about the traditional crafts, for example artifacts made of wood
• Visit to the village of Krasno, a village grown in a heart of Croatian mountain, at the entry to the National park North Velebit. Krasno captures with tameness and a peace ideal for a break from urban life. There you will visit “Runolist” (edelweiss) mountain cheese dairy, and have opportunity for purchasing savoury home-made cheese
• Zavižan climbers’ lodging, at 1,600m, is highest spot on Velebit, where you will discover one of the most amazing view towards the Kvarner bay area and its islands. Even Italy, which is some 200km away on the opposite side of Adriatic Sea, is visible on clear days.
• Hiking along the mountain trail “Premužićeva staza” which is considered a masterpiece of architecture in Croatian mountaineering and is going through the most inhospitable parts of Velebit, also strict nature reserve,
• Visiting the Botanical Garden on Zavižan with a long tradition of growing endemic and rare Croatian plants
Horseback riding as genuine, real-life adventure with breathtaking scenery and the opportunity to learn about horses, riding and living with nature
Photo safari – endemic flowers and mountain game
• Visit to the Cerovačke caves – world famous and for sure the most beautiful caves in Croatia. Caves consist from three different levels are at least 4 kilometres (7 miles) long. There is no museum in this world which can offer so much beauty as fascinating galleries created by pure natural forces