"Together we make memories"


  • Destination: Croatia, Kvarner
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Price: 15€

Discover the unique phenomenon of natural diversity, Učka, by riding friendly horses

The Učka Nature Park offers a unique experience of natural richness and human history through every day more popular horseback riding. Beautiful nature, magnificent views and these gorgeous creatures will make your journey memorable!

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Located at one of the most northerly points of the Mediterranean area, Mount Učka visually dominates the Istrian peninsula and the Kvarner Bay. All the values because of which Učka was declared a nature park have been known for a long time. The relief and vicinity to the sea, which caused the development of specific climate, lush forest, a rich meadow and other anthropogenic habitats in which we find a number of endemic, endangered and protected plant and animal species. Many say that Ucka offer the most amazing panoramic view of the northern Adriatic islands, mountains of Gorski Kotar, Venice, the Alps, and on the other side the whole Istria peninsula lies below your feet.

Maybe the best way to discover this unique place of natural diversity is by riding a horse. We’re taking you to the journey on the mountain with a beautiful view on the blue Kvarner bay sprinkled with green islands. There you will be able to choose among five beautiful and noble horses. And we have to worn you, it’s possible that you will feel like in an medieval adventure movie, riding among the green glades seeking for a castle, but that’s the beauty of it.

We offer daily trips with the horses in the nature park Učka, including a picnic by the fascinating rolling hills and picturesque meadows. You can also take a horse riding class.

• Riding school (30 hours) – 270 Euro
• An hour riding in the nature – 15 Euro
• An excursion with lunch, three hours- 60 Euro
• An excursion with lunch, six hours –100 Euro

Interpretation boards along the riding path introduce visitors to the natural characteristics of Učka, the richness and biological diversity of its flora and fauna, and the origins and various forms of the relief and shape. Učka is also the only place in the world where you can take a photograph of the Učka tommasini bellflower, and one of the last European sites where you can watch griffon vultures or golden eagles. That’s the reason the tour is a kind of surprise for visitors. During the tour, rangers and instructors will be glad to answer your questions about the park or horses. So, this tour is also a good chance to learn something about the natural and cultural heritage of Učka Nature Park.