"Together we make memories"


  • Destination: Croatia, Dalmatia
  • Duration: 1 day

A full body and soul therapy in a unique place, surrounded by endless crystal blue and green hills, clean air and cuddly horse.

Did you ever dream of riding a horse fast just like in the western movies, maybe on the hot sand in Texas? And did you ever dream you can ride a horse on the Adriatic sea cost? Yes, now you can! We’re taking you to the ranch on a beautiful location in the nature park Vrana Lake with a magnificent view of deep blueness and grean mountains.

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Horse riding has been part of human culture for a long long time. Today, riding is an activity loved by many. Mostly anybody can ride, it’s easy to learn and provides you a lot of pleasure. And whether you like to ride for fun or your daily dose of adrenaline, the best choice to spend nice moments with this beautiful creatures is in Pakostane, a little village, situated in the very center of the Adriatic coast in a unique position between the sea and the Vrana Lake. Surrounded by five national parks this destination offer endless possibilities for everyone. Near Pakostane are historical city of Zadar, the cradle of Croatian culture and history. There’s no better place for explore the world of horseback riding, and we’ll show you how to get started! Qualified instructors will take care that your first steps be safely done and to be memorable!You can choose between several clases:


    • Basic school – learning basic steps of the western school, qualifying for independent handling of the horses and safely entering the next level of horse riding.
    •  Barrel racing – with well founded basics of western basic school, you can cross-over to a higher level according to your wishes and abilities.
    • Reining – a western discipline in which the horse has to do a series of moves demanding balance and are usually done in full speed and include spins, changes of the gallop, relents, roll-backs and finally, the spectacular sliding stop. Beside schools, experienced ones can barell race, also western discipline in which the horse and the rider prove themselves in agility and speed in the race against time, counted in seconds around three barrels, set up in a triangle form.

For those less adrenaline types, horse trekking is riding in breathtaking dalmatian nature with an instructor and primary organisation. Still have doubts about horse riding? Then you have to know that horseback riding is good for curing, healing and expecialy for relaxation. The horses provide physical and emotional benefits to everyone. Also can help removing emotional problems, fear of failure and raising self confidence. Thanks to riding, your body gets stronger and the thoughts often become much clearer. We can surely say, horse is a beautiful therapist!