Planning to visit Novalja in august? Then, you should read this article.

Hi, I am Maja from Croatia, and  as a person that was travelling to Novalja for years, will try to gather all the useful informations and experiences and try to describe you what’s really going on down there.

Novalja Island of PagFirst thing you’ll see when you land on island Pag will be… well, nothing. No clubs, no houses, even no trees, just white endless stone surface. Feels like you landed on moon. But don’t panic, as you keep driving the road, after just few minutes you’re going to find yourself in a vivacious place. Wellcome to Novalja!

Those are the words of my friend travelling with me this summer, to be more precise – beginning of an august. We came over there in afternoon, and all he was repeating was: Craaaazy! Here is crazy!“. Yes, and it’s just august in Novalja.

novalja2b_mainSimple, the sun is hot, sea is fresh, beaches are full, as well as the streets, and the people are just keep pouring in. In this period, the most useful advice is if you don’t have reservation for an accommodation, prepare yourself to scuffle. Everything is full and it’s really hard to find something available in that month. Just in case I just opened your eyes, you can get your accommodation on time here 

In august, traditionally, there are the most Italians. So you can also learn some italian words if you want, just to make life easier. 🙂

How about restaurants and fast food? Yeah, that’s second thing you’ll see when you arrive to Novalja. There are plenty of restaurants and fast foods on every corner of the city. The local offer is generally grilled fish and meet, and the most common lunch is still pizza. For those willing to try something different than usual meals, new types of restaurant are slowly getting more adventurous. The costs of eating out is still much lower than many other Mediterranean destinations.

It’s important to mention that Novalja is safe place and that Croatians are courteous, helpful and nice.


August in Novalja is usually hot and sticky, so sea and after beach lovers will enjoy. It can be as hot as 40 so pack a lots of lightweight cool clothing. However, anything can happen when it comes to weather. Pack a light sweater or rain jacket because rain is possible, even it’s very rare.

zrce-partyIf you’re going to Novalja, probably you want to experience famous nightlife. August is the right month to do that. From 3 to 10 august you can visit Powwow festival, Beat the heat, Circus Maximus and DJ’s from Mars. Then, you can dance the nights away on Barrakud festival ‘till 17, as well on Moonsplash festival. From 21 to 25 there is a famous Sonus festival. And so on, and so on… until the 15 september, when is big End of a season party.

Ok, that is just few useful information for your vacation in Novalja. August already begun so I’m going to publish it quickly, and immediately start to write August in Novalja No.2! 🙂

Happy august everyone!

Author: Maja Šustar